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Secure Telephony Services

Geonet pays great attention to the security issues of its corporate clients. By using special protection and monitoring systems we commit ourselves to keeping the highest safety standards in our telephone and IP PBX services.

What is being done for your protection?


Geonet runs a 24 hour protection and monitoring system that minimizes the risk of unauthorized calls and related financial losses in case of a system breach.

Our telephone service security system includes the following functions:


  • 24/7 monitoring of calls (by the number of calls and their directions)
  • Credit and direction limit on individual plan basis
  • Time and direction restrictions (e.g. restrictions on directions after working hours
  • Limits on simultaneous outgoing calls
  • Automatic blocking of invalid registration attempts
  • Login through username, password and IP address
  • Personal manager support

Activation of IP PBX adds the following functions to the security service:


  • A multi stage security function that protects the system from unauthorized access
  • Automatic blocking of invalid registration attempts for each extension
  • Early detection and prevention of problems and suspicious situations